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Many people are looking to start a home business to earn some extra money in this lousy economy - from college students, to older folks who face austere retirements.

Network marketing is a good way to start a home business, but there are many things to take into consideration before signing that buy-in check.

make money onlineonline

If you meet someone who is enticing you into joining their network marketing opportunity, don't let them pressurize you! Always conduct extensive homework on the company before you agree to join. Understand that the person telling you about the opportunity is known as a "sponsor", it's down to him, if you do join, to tell you all you need to know about how to make money in the MLM opportunity he is offering. Also, understand he will be making money from your hard work. He may get a commission for recruiting you, and then will earn further commissions from everything you sell - he is not recruiting you out of the goodness of his heart, there is an ulterior motive - money.

If you have been in retail, network marketing is much better for you as a home business, as being a network marketer is about making commissions from sales. If you haven't a clue about selling, it's probably not the best idea, unless you are willing to spend a long time learning all the psychology behind making sales. There are many excellent books on the subject - anything written by people like Zig Ziglar is a good place to start and there are lots of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to the subject. Google "attraction marketing" and there is a lot of information - there is no need to pay for anything - it's all out there is you look.

Older folks who have been in retail will have an uphill battle if they are not fully versed with the techniques of selling online; although that's not to say that offline network marketing can't be a sole source of income. With the right product and a large network of friends, family and ex colleagues, it works well for many.

The subject of online network marketing is too vast to go into on one page. It involves knowing everything about building successful websites or blogs, how to use and interact on social network sites for the purpose of making sales, and also knowing about different forms of advertizing online to name a few aspects. There are also a lot of traps and scams that must be recognized and avoided, or you can easily become sidetracked and waste a lot of money.

Your home business is a business - a job, not a hobby. A new network marketer will fail if he doesn't dedicate a set amount of time every day to his business. 93% of internet marketers fail within the first few months of starting their home business, because they are not willing to dedicate many hours of sweat, toil and research, without earning a dollar. Go into network marketing with your eyes wide open, and find out what's involved.

Of the remaining 7% of network marketers who do succeed, only a minute part of that percentage make the big bucks - the six and seven-figure incomes we dream about, and they have been at it a long time. It may take three to five years of hard work before you can finally hire someone else to do all the article writing, blogging and other time-consuming aspects of network marketing before you can reap the rewards and enjoy a truly "passive" income.

If you think you can do it, great, welcome to the world of the entrepreneur, you will have a solid home business and become a successful internet marketer, if you are prepared for a lot of tears, hard work, disappointment and frustration along the way.

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The foundation of a successful home business in the network marketing industry has to start with two things:

  • A solid company with a good "evergreen" product line, compensation system, track history, a strong and on-going training and education, and a strong management team.
  • Having the right attitude and mindset, the time to work hard and learn, and the ability, or willingness, to learn how to sell.


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